“The SenseLab is a laboratory for thought in motion.

“Based in Montreal, the SenseLab is an international network of artists and academics, writers and makers, from a wide diversity of fields, working together at the crossroads of philosophy, art, and activism.

“Participants are held together by affinity rather than by any structure of membership or institutional hierarchy. The SenseLab’s event-based projects are collectively self-organizing. Their aim is to experiment with creative techniques for thought in the act. The SenseLab’s product is its process, which is meant to disseminate. The measure of success is the creative momentum that spins off into individual and group practices elsewhere, to seed new processes asserting their own autonomy. The SenseLab makes no claim to ownership, operating as much as possible on the principle of a gift economy.”

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SenseLab is currently developing Three Ecologies Institute, a para-academic experimental alternative pedagogy and distributed university. Realized as an economic space within ECSA’s economic spaces ecosystem, it’s designed as an engine for economic sustainability for alterantive forms of study.

Homepage: senselab.ca