Wizards are generally concerned with three things:

  1. Knowledge and the teaching of correct knowledge—ontology, epistemology, metaphyisics, science, and alchemy
  2. Ethics
  3. Putting things into groups of threes

Therefore, the Wizards’ Guild helps to organize activity related to basic magico-religious knowledge, the teaching of this knowledge in a high-quality and empowering manner, and the numerological and symbolic correspondence-systems which help to tame the imagination and make its expanses navigable.


Wizards' Guild


  • Wizard’s Guildhall is our headquarters on Telegram. Ask @deicidus for an invite.
  • The Wizard’s Guildbook is a shared notebook. Ask @EphemeralLazarus for an invite.


  • Articulating the guilds and their correspondences with the planets, numbers, letters, gods, and various other traditional symbols
  • Launching the The Floodgate Sigil Network (FSN), an open-source sigil networking system
  • Magical research
  • Magical teaching—many members of the Wizard’s Guild run magical schools
  • Studying the numogram and other correspondence systems or magical diagrams