The Shamans Guild is a collection of healers and teachers that are informed by traditional shamanic and modern healing techniques. We strive to heal the world, communities and individuals by providing care tailored to the context we are called to work in. We have experience working with altered states of consciousness and spiritual emergencies. We also have experience in exorcisms and demon hunting and the creation of treatment plans. One of our main goals is to offer an integrated approach to healing for our clients. If our services sound like something you could use, please contact us. Furthermore, if this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of, please contact us, we are always looking for new members.


Shamans' Guild


  • Shaman’s Guildhall is our headquarters on Telegram. Ask @G_Nash for an invite.
  • Shaman’s Guildbook is our shared notebook. Ask @deicidus for an invite.
  • Chapel Perilous ER is our Telegram crisis support channel. Ask @G_Nash for an invite.
  • Internet School of Magic School of Magic and Shamanistic arts run by Anders J. Aamodt.