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If apocalypse is taken as the revealing of truth then we could understand it as a slow individual process. The Buddha speaks of suffering and how to end it. Through experience we learn how to better deal with life. All mystical and spiritual teachings will lead in the same direction of unbinding from the physical to see the universe in its proper context.

Crossing the abyss puts one in direct contact with the all, which extends beyond time. By examining the boundary between self and other, as well as the codependent nature of birth and death, we gain access to the timeless perspective and manifest this heaven on earth.

Narratives motivate us. The guilds system attempts to represent the aspects of human motivation. Apocalyptic revelation leads to the end of all time, and the body is returned to the ocean, has died, yet never been more alive. With destiny realized as a king among kings, the world of stories may be freely and rightly engaged.

The eschaton is a self-ending narrative of mass awakening. This distillation of human consciousness is supported through the use and development of symmetric protocols.


Messiahs' Guild



  • Basic Applied Eschatonics (BAE)